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More than 30 Languages

Generate natural-sounding speech in English, Mandarin, Hindi and more!

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Create audio content with ease

Create speech from text for your written content such as training manual, instructional manual, educational video, ebook and any other audio content. Customize your speech using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) and download as MP3.
Voice Over for YouTube
Create voice over for your YouTube video by simply converting your text to speech. Narration makes your video more lively.
Download Speech as Mp3
Download converted text as Mp3 and use it for your personal or commercial projects
Commercial purposes
Redistribute the generated audio files for commercial purpose. No copyright or licenses required.
Read text aloud
Use natural sounding voice generator for e-learning or essay reading.
Supports more than 30 Languages
Support conversion of many languages from text to voice in different accents.
No Subscription
Pay for what you need. No subscription model that take your money every months.
SSML Support
Advanced support of SSML to customize your speech in different speed, pitch and pauses. Check out the documentation
Cheap TTS alternative to NaturalReader
Best for entrepreneur and small businesses. No need to pay hefty monthly subscription.
Best Neural Network algorithms
Access the all the WaveNet Voices from DeepMind, the world's most powerful text to speech engine